Oakhaven is a small village about 12 hours east of the Portal

The village is home to four families of Half Elves and Elves, with a population of around 30 people. The party was first led to the village by Avaniel Glimmerstar  and allowed to stay as a reward to rescuing many villagers who had been captured by Goblins from the Dripping Caves

Oakhaven currently has the following buildings:

10 Cottages

A Healers hut which is the home of the Village Eldest Quarion Whisperwind

A Granary and Barn with an attached Workshop for leather and woodwork.

A village well

A Small Shrine dedicated to Correlleon Larathian, High God of the Elves

A graveyard with about 20 people buried in it. Many of the graves seem fresh.


There are 4 main families in Oakhaven

The Gemflowers

The Gold Petals

The Moonwhispers

The Starflowers


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