Old Gods

The Old Gods are a Pantheon of Deities which have been worshiped in the campaign world since the beginning of time. Unlike the New Gods who are very active in the world, the Old Gods have always been mysterious and only speak through signs and portents. Their followers rarely built temples but instead carved images of the pantheon in tree groves. The Old Gods are still active in the world and grant spells to their clerics and paladins when prayed to correctly. 

Many followers of the Old Gods resent the New Gods and their followers, some have even been known to attack places of worship dedicated to the New Gods. What the Old Gods think of this is unknown.

Followers of the Old Gods tend to be especially antagonistic to followers of the Overlord.

Tradition lists 9 Old Gods:

The Maiden: 

The Mother

The Crone

The Soldier

The Smith

The Elder

The Watcher

The Trickster

The Other

Old Gods

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