New Pantheon

The New Pantheon, also known as The New Gods are the most commonly worshiped Deities in Silverspire. According to legend the New Pantheon came to this world after fleeing the destruction of their previous world by unknown forces. As opposed to the Old Pantheon which were distant and rarely responsive the New Pantheon has been very active in the world and often appear to their followers with direct commands. While there are many more gods int he New Pantheon here are some of the most common:                                                         

Auril, goddess of winter                            

Azuth, god of wizards

Bane, god of tyranny

Beshaba, goddess of misfortune

Bhaal, god of murder

Chauntea, goddess of agriculture

Corellon Larethian, God of Elves

Cyric, god of lies

Deneir, god of writing

Eldath, goddess of peace

Gond, god of craft

Helm, god of protection

Ilmater, god of endurance

Kelemvor, god of the dead

Lathander, god of birth and renewal

Leira, goddess of illusion

Lliira, goddess of joy

Loviatar, goddess of pain

Malar, god of the hunt

Mask, god of thieves

Mielikki, goddess of forests

Milil, god of poetry and song

Moradin, God of Dwarves and Smithing

Myrkul, god of death

Mystra, goddess of magic

Oghma, god of knowledge

Selune, goddess of the moon CG Knowledge

Shar, goddess of darkness and loss

Silvanus, god of wild nature

Sune, goddess of love and beauty

Talona, goddess of disease and poison

Talos, god of storms CE

Tempus, god of war

Torm, god of courage and self-sacrifice

Tymora, goddess of good fortune

Tyr, god of justice

Umberlee, goddess of the sea

Waukeen, goddess of trade

New Pantheon

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