The Laughing Skull Pirate Band was founded over 30 years ago and has been a presence in the Inner Sea on and off since then. The pirate group has been burned out of Skull Island several times over the years, but always seem to re-emerge within a year or two. 

The adventuring party was hired to take part in a raid to clear Skull Island from the pirates after it was discovered that the secret to their re-emergence was in a stable Portal at the top of the keep which links it to a hillside on a continent on the other side of the city.

The adventuring party met and fought a leader of the pirates who introduced himself as Wesley Roberts. Roberts was unfailingly polite, adept with both a rapier and joke, and managed to seriously injure Nax, Woodbark and Simon before being forced to flee. He used a magic ring to teleport away when finally overwhelmed. He is exceedingly fast and maneuverable when fighting. He is suspected to have fled through the Portal to return to Shantytown 

It is unknown how many pirates are in the band, but it is estimated there are atleast 50 in Shantytown.



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