Adventurers Guild

The Adventurers Guild has been the most trusted source or heroes, adventurers and mercenaries in Silverspire for over 500 years. It has been headed for atleast the last 100 years by the Guildmaster Anders who appears as a short old man with a long beard and twinkling eyes.  Other notable leaders of the guild include 

Geld: A dark haired and foul tempered Dwarf who acts as Master of Recruits

Mina: A beautiful and ageless woman who acts as mother figure to many int he Guild and who is Mistress of Taps in the Guild Tavern.

Fimblewick: A Gnomish Illusionist and the Guilds Master of Spells

Jet: A Dark Skinned and coldly logical woman who oversees intelligence and mission assignments for the guild.

Ul-goth the Accountant. A Half Orc accountant with a bad temper but surprisingly sharp mind for numbers. 

Adventurers Guild

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